When receiving shipment from Acoustigreen, please note:

• Prior to unloading a crate off of the delivery truck, check it for any obvious shipping damage. If no evidence of damage is present on the crate, offload it onto a dry/controlled area and inspect it for dents, breakage, or any lesser noticeable crate damage that may affect panels or trim. In case damage has been identified on the crate itself, record it/photograph it, and open the crate to inspect for concealed damage. If damage from the crate was transferred onto the panels or trim, document/photograph the issues.

• The Bill of Lading (BOL) must be signed as “damaged” if any type of claim is required. Failure to do so will qualify the project as ineligible for any type of claim, and the provided product will be considered accepted as delivered. Furthermore, do not estimate the number of damaged goods; receiving parties are responsible for verifying the count of damaged product(s) and noting the information on the BOL after checking for exact quantities.

• After signing the BOL as “damaged”, please accept the delivery and contact Acoustigreen immediately regarding the occurrence. Be prepared to provide a detailed description of the issue, accurate count of what was affected, information regarding identifiers (panel tags or numbers, etc.) and photographic documentation. Do not install damaged product. Instead, get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we may address the issue and provide a working plan for potential solutions and replacements.

• If any panel or trim pieces appear to have manufacturing defects, do not install. Acoustigreen’s only obligation is in replacing materials proved to be defective and that are returned for credit within the terms and conditions of the sale.

• Damaged material must remain crated and in customer’s possession until a decision on the claim is reached. At that time, the carrier responsible for the delivery will pick up the damaged product at the delivery site. Do not dispose of damaged product unless otherwise expressly instructed to do so by an Acoustigreen representative. In the event this occurs, documented acknowledgment will be required from all parties involved.

• If no damage is observed, make sure that all of the material ordered for the job has been received and is in the proper style(s) and correct quantities. Notify the manufacturer or distributor/representative at once.


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Warranty Terms

If damage and defects have been identified, please fill out a Warranty and Freight Claim Form.

Receiving instructions contained herein are abbreviated. Please click the link on the right to download the full version.