Maintenance & Cleaning

Standard maintenance and cleaning practices for Acoustigreen ceiling and wall systems require the following:

• Interior space conditions must be maintained with a relative humidity ranging from 25% to 55%. Temperature range must be maintained between 55°– 80° Fahrenheit.

• Avoid contact with moisture, wipe surfaces off immediately if they come in contact with moisture, regardless of the finish used. Moisture will cause damage to our products, voiding the product warranty.

• Do not use chemical or abrasive type cleaners on our wood products.

• A non-abrasive soft lint free cloth with a light application of Liquid Gold® will clean and maintain our wood surfaces. Cleaning should be done as needed.

• Exposure to direct sunlight will change the appearance of the wood over a period of time, voiding the product warranty.

• Avoid contact with heat sources such as a hot plate or lights, as direct heat will cause damage to the product, voiding the warranty.

• Our topcoats do not require the use of cleaning waxes or protective oils, voiding the product warranty.

• Adhesives of any kind can cause damage to our wood products.

• A non-abrasive brush or a vacuum cleaner may be used to remove dust.


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Please contact us with any questions regarding maintenance and cleaning of Acoustigreen products.

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