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LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has become the benchmark green building certification system used worldwide. The certification system encourages use of building practices and design to decrease CO2 emissions, improve indoor environments, and conserve energy, water, and resources. LEED is divided into 7 categories, and buildings are awarded points based on their performance in each category. The number of points a project is awarded determines the level of certification the project receives. The 7 categories are:

(SS) Sustainable Sites
Encourages design strategies of project site selection to minimize the impact of existing systems and environments.
(EA) Energy and Atmosphere
Ensures best practices are implemented that reduce energy consumption and limit the negative effects on the environment through design, commissioning and monitoring.
(WE) Water Efficiency
Implementation of efficient designs and products to reduce water consumption.


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(MR) Materials and Resource
Selecting suitable materials that have minimum environmental impact, considering waste reduction, reusing, recycling, and life cycle assessment.
(IEQ) Indoor Environmental Quality
Sensibly managing ventilation, comfort controls, and daylighting to create a safe and healthy indoor environment for occupants.
(ID) Innovation in Design
Consideration for new technologies and strategies that can accomplish increased performance of the building.
(RP) Regional Priority
Awards extra points to credits that have a more significant impact on environmental issues local to the project.
Listed below are the possible LEED points that may be earned through Acoustigreen products. LEED accredited staff is available to help guide you through all phases of your project.

Up to Two Points Available
MR CREDIT 4: Materials and Resources – Recycled Content
MR CREDIT 5: Materials and Resources – Regional Materials
One Point Available
MR CREDIT 6: Materials and Resources – Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR CREDIT 6/7: Materials and Resources – Certified Wood
IEQ PREREQUISITE 3: Indoor Environmental Quality – Minimum Acoustical Performance
IEQ CREDIT 4.4: Indoor Environmental Quality – Low-Emitting Materials Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products

Upper Midwest locations allow regional points for products in this area.
Acoustical backer is available with recycled content.

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