Find the answers to Acoustigreen’s frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Do you have stock stain colors?

No. We will match to the architect or customer provided samples.

Do you sell your wood ceiling products for residential applications?

No. Please visit our sister companies Architectural Surfaces and Acoustic Geometry for residential products.

Do you factory pre-finish your products?

Yes, unless specified otherwise.

Do I need a special T-Bar grid?

No. Our clips attach to any heavy duty 15/16″ grid. Any manufacturer’s grid will work.

Do wood ceilings provide any acoustical benefits?

Yes. When used with an acoustical backer behind or above panels, some products will offer sound absorption benefits. Please contact us for more details.

What are your standard lead times?

Most orders ship in 6-8 weeks unless the order is large or custom.

What are Acoustigreen standard lead times?

Most orders ship in 6-8 weeks unless the order is large or custom.

Do you offer factory finished products?

Yes, we can stain our products to match your stain color or provide a clear finish.

Do you install your products?

No, we are a material supplier only.

Are installation clips and hardware included in your quote?

Yes, they are shown typically as a line item on our quotes.

What are the maximum widths available for your Linwood Systems?

For veneer faced planks, 8” width is maximum. For most solid wood species, the maximum width is 6”.

Are samples available?

Yes. Contact us so that we can determine your sample requirements. Alternatively, you may fill out our Sample Request Form.

Can you provide shop drawings?

Yes. However, shop drawings add 2-3 weeks lead time into your project schedule.

What size are your Grille panels?

Grilles are assembled in 12″ x 96″ panels (typical), but can be assembled in 24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″ panels (typical) also.

What lengths do your Grille panels come in?

8′ (96″) Lengths are standard. We can manufacture shorter and longer lengths up to 12′ (120″) (solid lumber only for 12′ lengths).

Do you have a local installer?

If you need an installer in your area, please contact us. For most areas in the country, we can give you a reference for an installer that has experience with our product.

Are your systems accessible?

Yes, access can be achieved through special clips or product construction.